About Us

Skmuskar.sk is an online magazine dedicated to fly fishing and tying. We aim to provide and assist you in giving the best ideas to do and start your fly fishing activity. We want you to have your best Amsterdam holiday activity by guiding and helping you explore this one of a kind fly fishing experience, as you may wonder what to do in Amsterdam. We are known for giving the best and most fun fly fishing experience and we would love to teach you of different ideas in fly fishing and tying.

We also offer Amsterdam canal tour, and some Amsterdam city trip, like Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam Zoo, dinner cruise in Amsterdam right after your long fun tiring day of fly fishing, and we will be happy to assist you in looking for some boat rental in Amsterdam.

We have maintained the high standard of hospitality to our clients with our well-trained staffs who are not just fun to be with but also expert in fly fishing and will definitely help you to have one big catch. Our staffs are well known in the field of angling, and patience will not be a problem as our staffs will be readily and happily assist you on this experience especially if you will try the fishing for the first time.

For special accommodations or requests, you may send us a message and we will create arrangements suitable for your need. Book your best fly fishing and tying experience with us now.