1. Can kids try to fly fishing and tying?

Yes. Other kids tried this activity as early as the age of four. Some were taken by their parents in a camp and do this activity with them. But it is important to ready the necessary things to protect your kids such as proper clothing, some snacks, proper gear, etc. and make sure that your priority is your kids and not the fishing.

  1. Types of fish you can catch in fly fishing?

The fish you may catch will vary depending on where you will do your fishing, freshwater or saltwater? If you will try fly fishing on a freshwater, you may likely to catch trout, pike, bass, carp, salmon, grayling and sunfish. However, if you will do it on a saltwater tarpon, redfish, striped bass, bonefish and snook will probably some of your catch. And through the continuous advances in technology, catching marlin, tuna, wahoo, barracuda, and sailfish is now possible due to the stronger and more durable rods and reels now available in the market.

  1. What is the difference between the roll cast and two-stroke cast?

The roll cast is used when there’s limited space in doing your cast while the two-stroke cast is used when you have bigger space around you.

  1. Places for fly fish?

You can do fly fishing anywhere, may it be in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds or even ocean. Choosing where to fish will also vary depending on the type of fish you want to catch. It is recommended that you explore different environments to do fly fishing. You can do it while you are on your Amsterdam holiday or on your London trip. Be adventurous as you hone your skills in fly fishing.

  1. What type of rod to use?

Choosing a rod will vary depending on where you plan to fish or types of fish you want to catch. Choosing the right type of rid will help you enjoy your fishing activity.

  1. How to get discounts and special coupon?

By signing up on our page you may get special discount, voucher codes and promo codes on your favorite fly fishing gears.